Adrienne Garbini, “Roof” Print, 2013


Broken Ceramic Plate



“Plate broken to illustrate how few fucks a Frenchman gives outside of the filthy upstairs studios at the Visual Arts Facility of UCSD.” – Christopher Kardambikis

“Given to me by Chistopher Kardambikis upon request. Used as a prop in Walk (2012), and included in the photograph September 2010 – May 2013, In Chronological Order: Resistentialism, Platform, Your Lives Do Not Work, Platitude Blotter, In Tribute to Pure Moods, Practice Diagram, For Sale/That’s Not For Sale, Alectryomancy Study, Cognitive Clock, There is no need to parade your problems, Passed States, Object Puzzle, The Object With Haim Steinbach, Reverberation, Houseplants To Grow If You Have No Sun, Interior Taxonomy, Reductive Process, Health and Light, The Alternating Original, Fake Dead Plant, Graduate School Book Collection, What Can Be Said (with Alex DeCarli), No Problems, Blank Response (with Alex DeCarli), All’s Well/I am on fire, Idea of Reference Wane (Not Pictured), No Nowhere Fridge (with Alex DeCarli), The Solar Lodge, ABRACADABRA, Trash, Symbolic Storage, IMPOSSIBLE, October 2011, Studio Photography, No Future/No Past (Not Pictured), Ceramics, Grave (Not Pictured), Paperback Shelves, Mathemagic, Drive (Not Pictured), Candles, Passive Obsessive, Roof, July 11, 2012, San Diego, California (with Aranzazu Pola Manríquez), Bunker, Floor Piece, Resin Front Door Window, August 1, 2012, San Diego, California (with Aranzazu Pola Manríquez), Blacks Flag, Summer 2012 (with Aranzazu Pola Manríquez), Walk, Styrofoam, Set Design Self Portrait, Chicken of the Woods Face, Governance (with Jesse Harding), Forward (with Jesse Harding), Popular Entropy, METAPHYSICS, Installation of METAPHYSICS, Face Off (with Catherine Czacki), Together Separately, Party Over, Modern Sculptress (with Catherine Czacki), The Triangular Void (with Sam Kronick) (Not Pictured), Crafts Center (Not Pictured), 2013. C-print, 16″ x 24″. ” – Adrienne Garbini


Popped Weather Balloon






The Smile Face Museum