Silver Spring Smile Face Museum

1992-93 Silver Spring, Maryland home of the Smile Face Museum

The Museum is currently closed. We are in storage as we continue to grow the collection and plan future exhibitions.

Other Smile Institutions to Visit

Debbie Powers at The Happy Face Museum, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Debbie Power at the Happy Face Museum, 2014.

The Happy Face Museum

22 Wentworth Street
Nova Scotia, Canada
Summer Saturdays or by appointment

The Happy Face Museum is located in the Dartmouth neighborhood of Halifax, Canada. It was founded by Debbie Power in 2000. The Happy Face Museum is suspected to have the largest smile collection in the world. Debbie, also known as Mrs. Happy Face, has been collecting the smile since the early 80's, and is deeply inspired by God's love. Her museum is truly unique, and highly recommended to anyone lucky enough to find themselves in Nova Scotia.

The Busy Beaver Button Museum
Selections from the Busy Beaver Button Museum collection

The Busy Beaver Button Museum

3279 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60647
Monday-Friday 10-4 or by appointment

The Busy Beaver Button Co. runs a museum devoted to buttons, which you can visit online and in person at their factory in Chicago, Illinois. They have an extensive smile collection, selections of which have been exhibited at the Smile Face Museum.

Worcester Historical Museum
Worcester Historical Museum

Worcester Historical Museum

30 Elm Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Tuesday-Saturday 10-4

Worcester Historical Museum houses a significant smile collection in celebration of Harvey Ball (1921-2001), the widely credited designer of the smile face. Ball was born and raised in Worcester and created the symbol in 1963 for The State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester. The Museum has several beautiful displays for their smile collection, including the drafting table on which Ball drew the first smile. The Museum Library has an impressive archive of historical smile material, including many donations from the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation.

Sarah Jacobson's Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore
Sarah Jacobson's Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore (1998)

NYU Fales Library & Special Collections

70 Washington Square So, Third Floor
New York, NY 10012
By appointment for qualified researchers

The Fales Library at New York University houses the smile face collection of Sarah Jacobson (1971-2004), as part of its Riot Grrrl Collection. Jacobson was an independent filmmaker who wrote, produced, and filmed her own movies. She was based in New York. Her film Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore (1998) features her collection, and was exhibited at the Smile Face Museum in 2014. The Jacobson collection is viewable at Fales Library by special appointment only.

The Smile Face Museum